About Belynda

Belynda Sharples is an artist, designer and ceramicist, who has spent her life observing and drawing the domestic and everyday.  Belynda began her career in Interior Design, working in London before setting up her own Interior Design Practice in Norfolk.  In 2005, she joined her partner in his printing business and launched her own collection of Fabric and Wallpaper Designs.  For the last ten years however, focus has been on painting and more recently ceramics.  Here, a combination of natural drawing talent and a very personal sense of pattern and colour create work in response to the domestic familiar objects and spaces that surround her. She works intuitively, without a plan or direction, fuelled only by the objects around her.
“My world is a visual one.  The studio, set in a peaceful North Norfolk village, is a an old Methodist Chapel filled with inspirational delights; props in the form of old patterned china, textiles and fresh cut flowers.  This colourful scene is the starting point of my painting and as I make my first marks on the canvas I find myself absorbed in creating a visual story made up of all the shapes and colours in the room.”
“I have recently found joy in pottery; the tactile and malleable nature of the clay combined with the unexpected results when vessels come through the kiln is exhilarating and hugely absorbing. So very different to the act of painting on canvas or pattern making.  It adds a further dimension to my work and feels like I am walking into an unseen landscape, full of possibilities.”
“A recent trip to India has left an indelible mark on my senses; the colour, the texture, the people and smells have seeped into my consciousness and I now feel I am treading a new path of rich landscapes of such diversity I have not seen or dreamt of before.”
To view the wallpaper and fabric collection please click on the link:  belyndasharples.co.uk
If you have any questions please email Belynda at:  info@belyndasharplespaintings.com