About Belynda

Belynda is both a designer and painter. Initially trained in Interior Design, in the last 15 years she has worked with her husband, Robert Hamlin-Wright in his printing business. The print-work factory is based in Norfolk and prints wallpaper and fabric using traditional printing methods for some of Britain’s most talented designers. Belynda launched her own wallpaper collection 10 years ago and recently presented her first fabric, with new designs soon to be released. Her range of homewares can be found at belyndasharples.co.uk.

Belynda’s paintings and ceramics work in parallel to her textile practice.  Motifs in the form of flowers, furniture and textiles display an overriding theme of domesticity and the everyday.  Her paintings are not merely decorative and joyful on the surface but on closer inspection show an instinctive ability to use colour and brush marking to convey the world around her that she has spent a lifetime observing. She has recently turned her hand to pottery, and is finding exploring glazes and their properties both fascinating and rewarding.

If you have any questions for Belynda, please email info@belyndasharplespaintings.com